Industrial Baskets

Remove water, gases and particles from oils to increase their service life and prevent premature aging.

Industrial Baskets

Remove even the tiniest iron-containing particles from all kinds of process fluids without consumables.

Gastro Baskets

Remove floating tramp oils and fats from all kind of process fluids: coolant, waste water, washing water, cooling water and many more.


Electrostatic oil cleaners remove particles, varnish and other contaminants from various non-conductive fluids, such as hydraulic oil.

Gastro Baskets

A innovative combination of oil skimmer and oil separator technology to offput some of the shortcomings of traditional oil separators.

Friess GmbH: Fluid Cleaning Solutions – Made in Germany

The Friess company has devoloped, designed and produced fluid cleaning devices since 1972. In its more than 45 years of existence, the company has developed a wide product range of special technologies:

  • Oil Skimmers
  • Magnetic Filters
  • Electrostatic Oil Cleaners
  • Oil Dewatering

Apart from tried and tested standard products, Friess GmbH also develops custom solutions and systems for special applications in a wide range of production processes. Friess fluid cleaning systems are used in the steel industry, the automotive sector, the metal working and chemical industry, in refineries, at airports and in the food industry. Their return on investment is very short – usually less than 12 months.

In addition to the financial advantages and savings, customers achieve a better eco-balance with Friess fluid cleaning technology. The service life of washing water can be increased by 100% and more by using an oil skimmer. Electrostatic oil cleaners reduce the amount of waste oil from hydraulic systems and turbines up to 90 %. Friess fluid cleaning technologies prevent the accumulation of thousands of tons of waste water, waste oil and waste emulsion. Year after year.

Customers worldwide trust the capabilities and savings made possible by Friess systems. Partners, in all important industrial nations of Europe and Asia, guarantee qualified local consulting and service. All Friess products are assembled in Monheim, Germany. The companies own solar panels produce renewable energy, so that the company itself also produces eco-friendly.


In accordance with the new regulations of the German government, our last exhibition in 2020 the Grindtec in Augsburg was cancelled. We hope to be able to welcome you at one of our booths in the next year.

Until then, our consultants are healthy and working, waiting for your call or email. Challenge us with your fluid cleaning problems!

For almost 50 years now, Friess GmbH has been manufacturing solutions for the cleaning of process liquids. From classic oil-water separation and coolant maintenance to oil purification and dewatering, there is a solution for almost every manufacturing company that can optimize processes and reduce costs. As a side-effect, our products often improve the environmental footprint, as fewer fluids have to be disposed of and bought again, resulting in a longer service life and environmental friendliness.