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Oil Skimmer

FRIESS oil skimmers remove floating oils and fats easily, quickly and reliably from all sorts of liquids.

Our oil skimmers remove oils and fats quickly and reliably. Use the FRIESS technology for liquids of all kinds – whether cooling lubricant, cooling water, degreasing agents or waste water.

  • Use the unbeatable efficiency of tube type Oil Skimmers
  • simple user friendly design – only 6 different differnt spare parts
  • extremly durable due high quality materials – why settle for anything less than stainless steel
  • over 50 years of experience, over 10 000 projekts, total customer satisfaction
  • bespoke solutions tailored to your application

What is the principle behind it?

The basis and at the same time the most important element is the oil collector tube. It generates a rotary motion on the surface of the bath, which sets the floating oil in motion. The oil is then picked up by the tube and transported to the oil skimmer. From there, it is in turn transferred to a waste oil collection tank. The result is a reliably oil-free liquid surface.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Use your process fluids longer!
  • Minimize your maintenance efforts: FRIESS oil skimmers are made of robust stainless steel and feature highly abrasion-resistant ceramic components.
  • We supply you with prefabricated systems for almost all applications, so you hardly have to bother with assembly.
  • Particularly practical: our systems automatically compensates level fluctuations in the tank.
  • The freely floating oil collector tube guarantees that oil is removed over a large area.



For almost 50 years
we have been finding solutions for cleaning process fluids.


More than 10K projects
have been realized and made customers happy all over the world!


Environmental balance
of our customers is demonstrably improved through FRIESS technologies.

Oil Skimmer
Oil Skimmer US Model S100
Specifically designed for very large basins and tanks with large fluctuation in fluid levels.
Learn more
FRIESS Ölskimmer entfernen schnell und zuverlässig aufschwimmende Öle und Fette
Oil Skimmer US Model W40
Suitable for tanks of various sizes with a width from 800 mm.
Learn more
Nutzen Sie die FRIESS Technologie für Flüssigkeiten aller Art
Oil Skimmer US Model W20
Suitable for very narrow tanks with a width of 500 - 1000 mm.
Learn more
Der Ölskimmer W20 eignet sich für schmale Becken
Oil Skimmer US Model 1U
Specifically designed for small emulsion tanks and small degreasing plants.
Learn more
Der Ölskimmer 1U ist Speziell für kleine Emulsionsbehälter konzipiert
Oil Skimmer US Modell 1S
Specifically designed for use in small emulsion tanks, cooling water basins and pump sumps.
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Ölskimmer Modell 1S

Application examples

Tramp oil on cooling ...

The cooling water in a steel plant is contaminated with oil, fat and scale. In a settling basin, most of the scale sinks to the bottom of the basin. Oil, fat and a ...

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FRIESS Model W40 Oil Skimmer system on a bracket on the outside of the water tank

A hot die casting company sprays a special high temperature release oil into their molds to facilitate removal of the finished injection molded parts. This mold ...

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FRIESS S 100 Oil ...

A chemical company is using palm oil to produce a laundry washing powder. When cleaning tanks or pipelines, the cleaning water became contaminated with palm oil, palm ...

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FRIESS Oil Skimmer remove ...

During machining of cast iron, metal chips and fine particles of carbon black and iron are produced. Bigger chips are removed by the filtration system while fine ...

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FRIESS Oil Skimmers in ...

In the production of biodiesel from rapeseed oil, it occurs that the crude oil as well as the final product gets into the waste water system. One such producer ...

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Oil and Graphite Removal from cooling water with Oil Skimmer
Oil and Graphite Removal ...

A well-known German Company that manufactures crankshafts for gasoline and diesel engines had ordered a new drop-forging press from a Japanese manufacturer.

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Oil Skimmer Cleaning Method ...

Waste water of parking lots are not influenced by the dispersing effects of fast turning wheels and wind drift. Due to this
they can exhibit levels of HC concentratio ...

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FRIESS S 100 Oil ...

A metal working plant had two rectangular settling tanks with a common wall between them in operation. Every hour, 10 to 20 liters of oil become mixed with the ...

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Tramp Oil on Waste ...

A FRIESS Oil Skimmer with oil collector tube replaced the belt oil skimmer. The floating oil, fat, and chemical sludge is removed from the entire surface by the ...

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Removal of floating fat ...

A milk processing company produces milk powder. In a vacuum evaporator, water is extracted from the milk. Approx. 15 % of the milk will be processed to milk powder.

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Oil skimmer S 100 ...

The operator team of a big coolant separation system recognized after a longer period of operation that because of the higher content of oil in the delivered waste ...

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Removal of Tramp Oil ...

A large manufacturer of printing machines uses approximately 300 machine tools to produce their parts. Each of these machine tools has its own coolant tank and filter ...

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Removal of Tramp Oil ...

The cooling water system at a steel rolling mill is heavily contaminated with tramp oil due to various oil leaks. Small amounts of oil and very viscous grease come from t

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In the area around a refinery’s facilities the groundwater was suspected of being contaminated by hydrocarbons.

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Replacement of a Floating ...

A rectangular clarifier tank at a steel factory was equipped with an oil skimmer with a floating oil pick-up mop to remove oil and grease from the cooling water surface.

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Sludge trap under oil ...

Zur Reinigung von Kühlwasser in Stahlwerken wird üblicherweise eine Kombination aus Sinterbrunnen, Längsklärbecken und anschließendem Kiesfilter eingesetzt.

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wastewater stream oil skimmer 1
FRIESS Oil Skimmers applied ...

On a railroad site for freight car storage, there are numerous tracks that are equipped with hydraulically operated brakes ...

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Oil Skimmer as a tube skimmer

How does a tube skimmer work?

Oil adheres to a special oleophilic tube, which gets stripped off in the tube skimmer. The oil collector tube is hollow and thus floats on the liquid, operating precisely at the contact point of the two phases, the upper one being oil. Welded as an endless ring, the oil collector tube continuously removes oil from liquid surfaces, no matter how large. Since the tube can be sized as short or long as necessary, not only can smaller tanks be kept free of tramp oil, but also large cooling basins or ponds.

Areas of application / industries

Wherever oil and grease accumulate where they do not belong and float up, an oil skimmer can be used to remove the foreign oils and greases. To a tube skimmer it does not matter how dirty the surroundings are or how viscous the oil is. Thus, any number of areas of application can be found:

  • Steel mill / Steel production
  • Metalworking / Cooling lubricants
  • Parts washers
  • Waste water treatment / Waste water pretreatment
  • Food production
  • Aluminum production
  • Cooling water
  • etc.


Product features


  • high capacity
  • can keep the whole surface free of oil
  • durable scrapers
  • little maintenance required


  • level fluctuation possible with most models
  • more expensive than other types of oil skimmers

Remove oil with the belt skimmer

The belt skimmer consists of a motor with a drive roller and a mount. The drive roller drives a flat, endless belt, the skimmer belt. A loose pulley roller pulls the belt downward. The lower part of the belt is immersed in the floating oil phase. The oil adheres to the skimmer belt and is then moved into the water below. The oil still adhering to the belt is then conveyed upwards and removed from the belt by the scrapers.

Areas of application /industries

Belt skimmers are mostly used for cooling lubricant applications in metalworking. Especially for the small coolant tanks of smaller machine tools, these small skimmers are very popular. The usually fairly small capacity of belt skimmers will usually suffice small amounts of tramp oil found in coolant tanks.

From time to time, belt skimmers are also used for oil removal in smaller oil separators. However, it is important to pay attention to the size of the separator, as belt skimmers cannot keep large areas free from oil and are only intended for really small applications.

Product Features


  • Small and compact device
  • Inexpensive
  • fluid level can fluctuate (with large models also large fluctuations)
  • Often very simple construction


  • Low capacity
  • Does not create flow on the surface
  • Reaches only a small area of the surface
  • Scrapers are often destroyed by particles
  • Sludge can clog the drain, depending on the model

Oil Skimmer versus oil separator

Brief description / mode of operation oil separator

Oil separators and oil skimmers are not identical. Both forms of oil removal take advantage of the difference in density between oil and water. The basic difference is that the oil separator retains the floating oils and greases by means of baffles, while the oil skimmer continuously removes the floating oils.

Oil separators consist of a tank through which a liquid is passed and settled so that the oil or grease it contains can float up. Often, internals are installed in an oil separator to improve the floating. By means of a baffle the liquid is separated from the oil or grease, as this now floats to the top and cannot flow under the baffle.

Brief description / mode of operation of an Oil Skimmer for oil removal.

An oil skimmer, on the other hand, removes the already floating oil from a liquid surface.

Thus, although an oil skimmer and an oil separator have similar objectives, they are used in different conditions.

Often, oil separators and oil skimmers can be combined to have the advantages of both systems. For example, the oil separator is used to settle the liquid when this cannot happen elsewhere in the system, and the skimmer removes the accumulated oil from the oil separator so that it does not contain too much oil and the oil continues to flow despite the separation device. This is the procedure we use with our Skimmtelligent oil separators. These are used when the liquid is too turbulent for an oil skimmer and the oil cannot float.

Likewise, an existing oil separator can be retrofitted  with an oil skimmer so that it does not have to be emptied at regular intervals using a suction truck. In addition, this also prevents too much oil from accumulating, which the separator can no longer retain.

FRIESS GmbH a manufacturer of Oil Skimmers for 50 years.

Since 1972 we have been developing and producing oil skimmers Made in Germany for a wide range of requirements and industries. From consulting, manufacturing and sales, if necessary also on-site assembly, we are at your disposal. In addition, we offer other options for oil-water separation, the maintenance of cooling lubricants and oil cleaning. With us, environmental protection and cost savings go hand in hand.

Buying an Oil Skimmer from FRIESS – it’s that easy

Before you buy an oil skimmer, we have a questionnaire for you. This provides us with important information. We will gladly send you this as a PDF on request. Important factors for us are:

  • Information about the fluid to be removed  like oil, grease, liters per day.
  • Information about the fluid to be cleaned. For example, is it cooling water, waste water, washing water or coolant?
  • Key data on the installation area: Length and width of the basin, alternatively the diameter. Important data are also the delivery head and the level fluctuations.

As a rule, we deliver our oil skimmers within one week. They are easy and self-explanatory to install, so that only in individual cases it is necessary to resort to our installation services.

➦FAQs: frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of the tube skimmer compared to a belt skimmer?

With the tube of the tube skimmer floating on the surface, the floating oily or greasy film is skimmed off from all parts of the surface of the tank by the constant rotary movement on the fluid surface. The film is literally drawn in, so that there are no areas in a tank where the oil film is not reached. The belt skimmer does not offer this advantage. In addition, the oil collector tube can be made as long as necessary to cover the entire length or width of a tank, allowing as much oil as possible to be removed.

A belt skimmer cannot achieve this effect with its skimmer belt, and thus takes far more time to achieve the same result. In fact, it is often the case that despite the work of the belt skimmer, a comparable result is not achieved, as this type of oil skimmer cannot remove tramp oil from such large areas.

What regulations are important when handling wastewater?

Industrial wastewater – important facts

Requirements for the purification and disposal of wastewater

In addition to safety precautions, companies that generate wastewater must also provide a system that enables the recycling of wastewater. The substances with which wastewater is contaminated depend on the industry. For contaminants that float on the water surface, FRIESS GmbH offers oil skimmer and oil separator solutions for wastewater treatment Made in Germany. Fats and oils are reliably and properly removed, so that the subsequent treatment of the wastewater is easier, and does not require so many chemicals to achieve the prescribed contamination values for the discharge of wastewater.

You will need to check with your local municipality to determine exactly which values are required to discharge your wastewater, as they often vary by region. Regardless, oil skimmers simplify the treatment of oily wastewater and allow you to meet discharge limits with less effort.

Why is the use of an Oil Skimmer sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Its use often helps to extend the service life of a fluid. In the case of cooling lubricants and washing water, the removal of tramp oils helps to extend the period during which the fluid meets the specified parameters necessary for its function. This means that the fluid needs to be changed less frequently and the usage duration is increased.

This saves raw materials used in making process fluids and reduces the burden on the company’s waste disposal. Because the longer a fluid can be used, the more efficiently raw materials are used. This results in increased sustainability which benefits the environment because fewer chemicals or oils have to be used and disposed of.

What factors make the FRIESS Oil Skimmer particularly economical?

They are particularly durable. This means that maintenance is inherently low-cost. In addition, the oil skimmers do not require much maintenance and attention. Therefore, maintenance staff need to spend little time and effort with them.

Furthermore, an oil skimmer improves your manufacturing process by using cleaner fluids, such as cooling lubricants. In such an application, expensive defects can be avoided.

What happens to the removed oil and grease?

Oil and grease removed by oil skimming is usually disposed of. Depending on the water content, the disposal company may pay for the oil.

However, if the oil or grease is too contaminated, disposal usually must be paid for.

Processing the oil for reuse is possible, but often involves high expenses. Weighing up the costs and benefits is essential here.

Increasing the service life of fluids by removing tramp oil, allows you to use these fluids in your machines longer. These fluids then do not need to be procured as frequently. This saves money in purchasing!

What materials is the FRIESS oil skimmer made from and for which environmental influences is it standardly suited?

FRIESS oil skimmers for oil removal are standardly made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and ceramics. This means they can be used in a wide variety of applications without needing to worry about corrosion or other wear and tear. For particularly aggressive environments, such as very acidic applications, e.g. the use of acids, or very alkaline applications, e.g. alkaline cleaning processes, other materials may have to be used. In this case, we can also manufacture the oil skimmers in higher quality stainless steel (SS316) or plastics. This way, we can cover almost the entire pH value spectrum.

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