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Oil Separators

Use the Oil Separator for mixed-in oils!

Oil does not float in your process fluids, but mixes or emulsifies? This is often the case in washing and degreasing processes, where the washing water is often highly turbulent due to high pump capacities or immersion processes.

Unfortunately, oil skimmers do not provide a remedy here. Instead, the Oil Separator must be used, since it first calms the medium in a bypass flow.

The solution from Friess – The Oil Separator Skimmtelligent

Our Skimmtelligent calms the bypass flow so that heavy particles sink to the bottom and the oil droplets in turn rise to the surface. To improve the separation behavior of oil and fluid, coalescers are used which combine small oil droplets to form large droplets, thus increasing buoyancy. The floating oil is prevented from flowing further thanks to a baffle, while the cleaned fluid flows underneath it and back into the tank.

Conventional Oil Separators separate the oil by means of overflow processes, such as spilling over a separating edge. However, since this is usually extremely unreliable and error-prone, the Friess Skimmtelligent also uses the Friess oil skimmer Model 1U. This removes the oil and thus prevents operating errors.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The Friess Skimmtelligent works independently from production and removes even the smallest amounts of tramp oil.
  • Increase the service life for emulsions and washing water in a striking way with Friess by continuously de-oiling your fluids.
  • Save significant amounts of money on the purchase and disposal of emulsion concentrates and detergents.
  • Due to the manufacturing using stainless steel, our technologies can be used in the vast majority of applications without any problems.
Bei vermischenden Ölen kommen Friess Ölabscheider zum Einsatz
Oil Separators Skimmtelligent Mini
A bypass unit used to separate oil that does not float.
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Der Skimmtelligent mini löst vermischte Öle
Oil Separators Skimmtelligent
An Oil Separator equipped with Friess oil skimmer technology.
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Der Ölabscheider Skimmtelligent wird im Nebenstrom eingesetzt, um vermischtes Öl abzuscheiden

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