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FRIESS has been developing solutions to optimize the cleaning of process fluids for almost 50 years.

We have been your reliable partner since 1972. In addition to standard products in the field of oil-water separation, cooling lubricant care or oil cleaning and dewatering, we also find specific solutions tailored to your needs.

Our aim is to reduce your operating costs and increase productivity at the same time.

Langjähriger Experte für Ölskimmer, Magnetfilter und Geräte für die Elektrostatische Ölreinigung
For more than 50 years
we have been finding solutions for cleaning process fluids.
FRIESS unterstützt seine Kunden mit innovativer Technologie wie Ölskimmer, Magnetfilter und Geräte für die Elektrostatische Ölreinigung
More than 10K projects
have been realized and made customers happy all over the world!
Anlagen von FRIESS verbessern die Umweltbilanz
Environmental balance
of our customers is demonstrably improved through FRIESS technologies.
Das Team von FRIESS ist immer für Sie da!

We make you more environmentally friendly!

A positive side effect: Thanks to the FRIESS fluid cleaning repertoire, your environmental balance is improved. This is because a smaller quantity of fluid has to be disposed of or even consumed again.

For example, the service life of wash water can be increased by 100% when an oil skimmer is used. And electrostatic oil purification systems reduce the amount of waste oil from hydraulic systems and turbines by up to 90%.

This means that our technologies greatly reduce the creation, transport and disposal of many thousands of tons of wastewater, used oil and used emulsions.

Versatile in use.

Our equipment is used in numerous industries. In the steel industry as well as in the automotive industry we help customers to treat their process fluids. FRIESS is used in the same way in the metal processing and chemical industries or in refineries, airports and the food industry.

Customers particularly appreciate our technologies for the fact that they pay for themselves within a very short time. As a rule, we achieve a return on investment in less than 12 months.

Das Lager der FRIESS GmbH

International and yet rooted locally.

Customers all over the world trust in the performance and saving potential of our units. We believe that the best way to provide qualified advice is on site. Therefore, we have local representatives in all important industrial nations in Europe and Asia.

All FRIESS products are made in Germany. We are particularly proud of our assembly at the Monheim am Rhein site and our German quality standards.

The company’s own solar plants generate environmentally friendly electricity. And more than is needed at our site in Monheim. In this way, FRIESS GmbH makes another essential contribution to a positive environmental balance.

Company History

Change of our managing director
Oliver Benneck takes over as the general manager of FRIESS GmbH.
Oil Dewatering System VOD 16
The new oil dewatering system VOD 16 is available.
New Stainless Steel Magnetic Filters
Magnetic filters are now developed and produced in-house under the FRIESS brand. The first magnetic filter to run off the line is the new series FMF.
Magnetic Filters
The magnetic filters of Eclipse Magnetics Ltd. are added to the portfolio.
Waste Water Treatment Plants
The waste water treatment plants of our partner VentilAqua S.A. are added to our portfolio.
Touchscreen and process visualization
The D8 and D16 oil purification systems are equipped with touchscreen and process visualization.
ISO 9001:2000
A quality management system on the basis of ISO 9001:2000 is implemented.
The oil separator Skimmtelligent is developed
Change of Corporate Form
The company FRIESS GmbH is founded and replaces the engineering office FRIESS. Move to our current premises in Monheim, Germany.
Electrostaic Oil Cleaners
After the development of electrostatic oil cleaners by Michael FRIESS, the first units are built and sold.
oil skimmers
The first oil skimmers are sold
The engineering office FRIESS is founded in Hilden, Germany. Water treatment chemicals and cleaning chemicals for cooling water systems are sold.

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