Replacement of a Floating Mop type Oil Skimmerwith a FRIESS Model S 100 Oil Skimmer with Oil Collector Tube

A rectangular clarifier tank at a steel factory was equipped with an oil skimmer with a floating oil pick-up mop to remove oil and grease from the cooling water surface.

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The Problem

Because of the high maintenance, repair, and spare part costs for the floating mop oil skimmer system, the maintenance department wanted to reduce their costs, as the mop skimmer frequently broke down, was out of service and had to be repaired on a fairly regular basis. The particles mixed in with the oil and grease caused high wear on the various parts of the mop skimmer, even damaging the floating mop itself, reducing the oil removing capacity.

The Solution

In an effort to find a different solution, the maintenance department installed a FRIESS S 100 oil skimmer with an oil collector tube on a three months trial basis. At the conclusion of the trial period, they bought the FRIESS Model S 100 oil skimmer with oil collector tube, and installed it on their clarifier tank.

The total cost for removing the floating mop oil skimmer system, and replacing it with the FRIESS Model S 100 oil skimmer system was less than the annual operating costs of the floating mop oil skimmer system.

The FRIESS Model S 100 oil skimmer with Oil Collector Tube has now been in operation since 2011 and has required no maintenance.


The replacement of the oil skimmer system with a floating oil pickup mop, by the FRIESS system was not complicated, and it was possible to utilize the installed guides, for the new oil collector tube. After the previous system had been removed, a frame was built on top of the decanter tank for the installation of the FRIESS Model S 100 oil skimmer. Two additional motor protection switches were installed in the control cabinet. The complete systems replacement installation was completed in one day. For some reason the existing baffle which was supposed to keep the floating oil on the surface of the clarifier tank had been equipped with slots, allowing some of the oil and grease to pass through the slots. FRIESS added an additional floating baffle to ensure that all the floating oil and grease remained inside the clarifier tank, where it could be removed by the FRIESS Model S 100 oil skimmer with oil collector tube.

The Result

Because of this upgrade, the removal of floating oil and grease from the cooling water surface has become much more efficient. The clarification tank’s gravel filter is no longer being clogged by contaminating oil or grease, so it operates more reliably, thereby greatly reducing the gravel filter maintenance costs.