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Oil Skimmer Model W20

Optimal for use in particularly narrow tanks with a width of 500 – 1000 mm.

Der Ölskimmer W20 eignet sich für schmale Becken


This model is shines when removing oil from very narrow basins with a width of 500 – 1000 mm. The length of the basin can be up to more than 10 m. In addition, it can operate at a head of up to 600 mm above the surface of the bath.

Due to its robust construction, the FRIESS oil skimmer Model W20 can be used in continuous operation without any problems. To prevent premature wear caused by solids such as sand, chips and particles in the oil, all parts of our oil skimmer that are susceptible to wear are made of highly abrasion-resistant ceramic.

This is a clear advantage for you, because maintenance efforts and costs are significantly reduced.

The oil skimmer itself is made of durable, stainless steel.

Depending on the viscosity of the oil as well as the thickness of the respective oil layer, the W20 Model achieves a pumping capacity of up to 230 liters of oil per hour. The result thus depends entirely on your individual operating conditions. However, with appropriate accessories, the output can be increased and optimally adapted to your needs.

Technical Data
  • Drive power: 0.12 kW
  • Capacity: max. 230 l/h
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +95 °C
  • Dimensions incl. oil collecting pan in mm: (WxLxH) 305 x 383 x 225
  • Surface of tank: min. 500 x 800 mm
  • Installation height above liquid: max. 600 mm
  • Length of oil collector tube: max. 20 m
  • Weigth: 14.0 kg
  • Use your process fluids longer!
  • Minimize your maintenance efforts: Our oil skimmers are made of robust stainless steel and have highly abrasion-resistant ceramic components.
  • We supply you with prefabricated systems for almost all applications, so you hardly have to bother with assembly.
  • Particularly practical: Our system automatically compensates for level fluctuations in the tank.
  • The freely floating oil collector tube ensures that oil is removed from a large area.
Typical applications
  • Metal working industry
  • Tempering
  • Automobile industry
  • Waste water treatment systems
  • Surface technology
  • Degreasing

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