A German manufacturer of components for valve train uses different machine tools in order to produce camshafts, valves and rocker levels for gas and diesel engines for most of the well-known European car manufacturers. In one factory they use several Schütte multi spindle machine tools. Because of the mass production the coolant was contaminated soon with ferritic particles. The belt filter system supplied with the machine removes most of the bigger chips. During production they found out, that the chips smaller approx. 30 µm were not removed as desired. During the operation the contamination built up more and more. For this reason they had to change the coolant very often. In addition to that they had to clean the tanks every eight weeks. In order to improve the cleanliness of the coolant the company installed one magnetic filter FMF with cleaning insert. The results with this magnetic filter convinced the maintenance team of the company directly. The filter had to be cleaned 2 – 3 times/week and lifetime of coolant was improved.

FRIESS magnetic filter FMF with cleaning insert

Because of the good experience with magnetic filter FMF with cleaning insert they decided to add Friess magnetic filter system to the multi spindle machine. A manual cleaning of the magnetic filter was not possible. Because of the high production volume a stop of the system every two days for cleaning the magnetic filter would cause too much production loss. For this reason the company decided to use a magnetic filter SMF. This filter can be cleaned during production without loss of production within one or two minutes. The filter is installed between main pump and machine tool, so that the full flow of coolant is cleaned.

In order to remove the collected sludge out of the filter the machine operator just has to close the valve for inlet and outlet and to open a bypass valve. In a second step the magnets are pulled out of the stainless steel tubes in the filter housing. Because of the strong magnets the necessary force to pull out the magnets is very high. Therefore the magnetic filter is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder which has enough power to pull out the magnets against the resistance of the magnetic field. In a third step the operator opens the drain valve and the collected sludge with some liquid is flushed out of the filter. If necessary it is possible to flush the filter with some liquid by opening the flushing valve for short time. After draining out the sludge the operator closes the bottom valve and the flushing valve. Then the magnets are pushed back by the pneumatic cylinder. In the last step the operator opens the inlet and outlet valve and closes the bypass valve.

Because of the high capacity of the filter the cleaning has to be done every two days only. If the liquid would contain more particles and flushing the filter has to be done more often an automatic version of this filter is available. The lifetime of the coolant is now much longer. The amount of steel particles smaller 30 µm was reduced by more than 90 %. The failures at the clamps were reduced by 70 %. The machine itself is now much cleaner because there are no more particles that settle in the working area of the machine.

Self-cleaning magnetic filter SMF 5 in operation

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