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Magnetic Filter Magnetic Grid FMG

Protect your pumps thanks to Magnetic Grids.

Magnetgitter FMG von FRIESS
Das Magnetgitter von FRIESS filtert Partikel aus Kühlschmierstoff, Schneidölen und Schleifölen

What is a Magnetic Grid and what does it do?

The FMG Magnetic Grid removes particles such as iron and steel from process fluids. In addition, it can prevent particles of stainless steel or carbide from accumulating unhindered in the liquid.

The grid is mounted in the cooling lubricant tank for this purpose. Placed directly in front of the pump in the direction of flow, as much of the liquid as possible that is sucked in by the pump passes through the magnetic grid. The outer surfaces of the Magnetic Filter bars attract the dirt particles in the liquid.

After some time, the grid must be cleaned of the particles. However, you do not need a special maintenance service for this. Cleaning is very simple as it only involves wiping off the dirt.

To meet your individual needs, the FRIESS Magnetic Grid FMG is available in different sizes.

Technical Data

FMG 310/4

Magnetic rods: 4 pcs
Flow rate: max. 250 l/min
Dirt holding capacity: max. 3 kg
Weight: 6.4 kg
Temperature: 5 °C – 60 °C
Dimensions: 172 mm x 82 mm x 434 mm

FMG 420/6

Magnetic rods: 6 pcs
Flow rate: max. 500 l/min
Dirt holding capacity: max. 6 kg
Weight: 11.7 kg
Temperature: 5 °C – 60 °C
Dimensions: 236 mm x 82 mm x 634 mm

  • Reliable removal of dirt particles in process liquids.
  • FRIESS magnetic filtration ensures that your process fluids are profitable by significantly increasing their service life.
  • Recycle the particles afterwards to increase your eco-balance at the same time.
  • No need for additional equipment or energy for filtration.
  • Take a stand against contamination in grinding processes!
Typical applications
  • Cooling lubricants
  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Lapping

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