Friess Magnetic Filter used in Heating Systems and Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems and thermic solar systems are for antifreeze reasons often filled with water-glycol-mixtures. Propylene glycol also provides some corrosion protection. The viscosity of the used liquid increases slightly and the air separating capacity declines because of the propylene glycol. Especially by low flow velocity in thermic solar systems it might come to the formation of air bubbles, which might reduce or stop the flow.

In a seven year old thermic solar system it was necessary to flush the system, in order to get rid of the air bubbles which had formed over the years. The system was built with stainless steel corrugated pipe and copper pipe. Nobody expected that the system was contaminated with iron particles or corrosions residues. The system was flushed with an additional pump and a magnetic filter. After one hour of flushing they turned the system back on. Beside the little total volume of the system of just 50 l the magnetic filter rod was completely covered with ferritic particles. By adding a magnetic filter to cooling water and solar systems, ferritic particles get removed constantly. Depositions in the system, corrosion appearance and pitting corrosion on sensitive parts, like panels of heat exchangers or stainless steel corrugated tubes with thin walls, gets prevented. Due to the easy construction of Friess magnetic filter system type FMF arise no extra costs for consumable material or filter aids. Due to the high dirt holding capacity of Friess magnetic filter systems the system just needs to be cleaned once a year within the yearly maintenance of the system.

With a Friess magnetic filter FMF 420/3 you are able to reduce up to 3 kg dirt of the water

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