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Oil Separators

The oil separator Skimmtelligent is used for systems where oil is mixed with the process fluid and does not float on the surface. In washing and degreasing processes the fluid is often very turbulent due to high pump capacity or submerging of parts. Therefore an oil skimmer cannot be used as the oil is not floating freely on the surface. In these cases an oil separator is used in bypass to calm the fluid.

How an oil separator Skimmtelligent works:

The Skimmtelligent oil separator functions like a conventional oil separator: The medium is calmed in a bypass flow, heavy particles sink to the bottom and the oil droplets rise to the surface. In order to improve the separation behavior of oil and medium, coalescence media is used which combines small oil droplets to form large drops and thus increase their buoyancy. As the oil now floats, a baffle prevents it from flowing further. The purified medium flows under the baffle and back into the tank. Usually the oil is separated by means of overflow processes, such as overflowing over a separating edge. However, since these are usually unreliable and prone to errors, the oil is removed by the Skimmtelligent oil separator using a Friess oil skimmer Model 1U. Thus, no operating errors can occur, the separation process is insensitive to dirt and does not have to be readjusted again and again.