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Oil Separators Skimmtelligent Mini

Our Oil Separation System in the smallest format.

Der Skimmtelligent mini löst vermischte Öle
Oil Separator Skimmtelligent-Mini

How does the Skimmtelligent Mini work?

The FRIESS Oil Separator is used wherever tramp oil mixes with the process liquid instead of floating on the surface. A positive displacement pump is used to pump liquid containing tramp oil from the tank into the Skimmtelligent Mini.

The liquid is pumped into the separator tank of the Skimmtelligent Mini. In the process, the liquid mixed with tramp oil flows through inclined coalescing plates. Even the slight buoyancy of small oil droplets is sufficient to cause them to rise to the underside of the next inclined plate. There, the many small oil droplets join together and can rise to the liquid surface with now increased buoyancy. The oil layer thus formed flows over a height-adjustable overflow edge into a Separator Container.

As a final result, tramp oil collects in a chamber, while the cleaned liquid flows back into the tank.

Optionally, a FRIESS Magnetic Filter can be integrated. This can additionally filter out ferritic particles down to a size of about 1 µm from the fluid.

Technical Data
  • Durchflussleistung: 4 l/min
  • Arbeitstemperatur: max. 40 °C
  • pH-Wert: 5 – 14
  • Abmessungen:
    Breite: 400 mm
    Länge: 850 mm
    Höhe: 870 mm mit Option Magnetfilter
  • Behälterinhalt: 50 l
  • The FRIESS Skimmtelligent Mini works independently of production and removes even the smallest amounts of tramp oil.
  • Increase the service life for emulsions and washing water in a striking way with our process.
  • Save significant amounts of money on the purchase and disposal of emulsion concentrates and detergents.
  • FRIESS Technologies prove themselves thanks to robust manufacturing.

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