Magnetic filter cleans coolant in a grinding machineFRIESS Magnetic Filter used to Optimise Coolant in Grinding Process

A manufacturer of automotive components uses different grinding machines in order to grind parts for steering systems. Because of the high quality requirements the surface of the parts has to be absolutely smooth and must not show any scratches and have a uniform micrograph.

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The Problem

In order to guarantee the required quality the coolant in the grinding machines has to be as clean as possible. Particles, which are flushed with the coolant between the grinding disc and work piece, may cause scratches or grooves.

In order to keep the coolant as clean as possible, the company used various filter elements with different pore sizes Although the coolant was fairly clean, customer complaints still occurred from time to time due to the surface quality of the parts. The company was looking for a technology in order to remove more or less all particles down to 1 µm at a reasonable cost. The maintenance manager was especially interested in a system, that does not cause high cost for consumables and that does not produce lots of waste.

The Solution

he production manager and maintenance manager decided to install a FRIESS magnetic filter type FMF 420/6. After installation of the magnetic filter particle analyses of the coolant were ordered. The analyses showed, that the coolant that was sprayed through nozzles onto the grinding disc and the work piece, was completely free of particles larger than 1 µm. The installation of the magnetic filter FMF 420/6 was essential for the improvement of the cleanliness of the coolant. Because of the extremely high cleanliness of the coolant, the surface quality of the parts was drastically improved.

The Result

Magnetic Filter Cleans Coolant

Since the magnetic filter is in operation no parts were rejected because of scratches or grooves in the surface.

Due to the good results a second system was equipped with a magnetic filter FMF 420/6, in order to reproduce the good results there.