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Oil SkimmerModel BS

Our Skimmer for standard containers in a small and narrow format.

Model BS
Die bedarfsgerechte Lösung für kleine und schmale Behälter von Friess

The Friess solution for all small problems

You do not need to remove oi from a lake or a huge basin? Instead you need a solution for your small and narrow tanks that is tailored to your needs? We also offer systems that are specifically designed for oil removal where there is less space in the tank. For example, the Friess Oil Skimmer Model BS.

Technical Data
  • Drive power: 0.09 kW
  • Capacity: 2 – 15 l/h
  • Temperature: max. 80 °C
  • Dimensions / mm:
    BS10 (BxLxH): 160 x 260 x 735
    BS20 (BxLxH): 160 x 260 x 910
    BS30 (BxLxH): 160 x 260 x 1260
  • Surface of tank: min. 100 x 100 mm
  • Lifting height: BS10/BS20/BS30: 334 / 509 / 858 mm
  • Width of the belt: 40 mm
  • Length of the belt: BS10/BS20/BS30: 1150 / 1500 / 2200 mm
  • Weight BBS10/BS20/BS30: 7.9 / 8.5 / 10.0 kg
  • The compact unit from Friess.
  • Remove oil even with little space available to use your process fluids longer.
  • The Oil Skimmer BS is made of high quality materials, such as robust stainless steel.
  • The prefabricated Friess system, is quick and easy to install.
Typical applications
  • Emulsion container for machine tools
  • Small degreasing baths
  • Small waste water treatment systems
  • Machine tools
  • Surface technology

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