Because of its special design, the oil skimmer is able to lift the oil up to 20 m high. During operation, bath level fluctuations of up to 2m can be compensated.

Since the oil collector tube can be guided on the bath surface by tube guides, the oil can be removed from tanks and containers of various sizes and shapes.

The oil collector tube creates a circular movement on the water surface. The floating oil is driven towards the oil collector tube. The oil sticks to the outside of the oil collector tube and will be drawn into the oil skimmer. Special high wear resistant ceramic scrapers remove the oil from the surface of the oil collector tube and the oil floats into a waste oil collecting tank.

Due to the particularly sturdy construction, the oil skimmer model S100 can be used continuously 24 hours a day without any problems. In order to prevent premature wear caused by solids such as sand, chips and particles in the oil, all wear-prone parts of the oil skimmer are made of highly abrasion-resistant ceramics.The oil skimmer itself is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Depending on the oil viscosity and the oil layer thickness, a capacity of up to 500 l oil/h can be achieved. Many different options allow you to adapt the oil skimmer model S100 to nearly all kind of applications.



  • Fast payback due to extended service life of emulsions and degreasing baths
  • Minimal maintenance requirements due to sturdy construction and wear resistant materials
  • Low assembly effort, as prefabricated assembly systems are available for almost all applications
  • Floating oil collector tube will follow changing water level
  • The oil is drawn off over a large area by the freely floating oil collection tube
  • Due to its special construction, the oil skimmer model S 100 can be adapted to a wide variety of tanks – whether round or square, open or closed, above or underground


Typical applications:

  • Steel industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Refineries
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Airports