The oil separator Skimmtelligent mini works as bypass system. A positive displacement pump pumps the coolant into the oil separator Skimmtelligent mini. A coarse screen in front of the pump removes large particles and chips. With the optional magnetic filter, ferritic particles down to about 1µm are filtered out of the liquid. The pre-cleaned liquid is then pumped into the separation tank of the Skimmtelligent mini oil separator. The liquid mixed with tramp oil flows through inclined coalescence plates. Even the slight buoyancy of small oil droplets is sufficient to let the oil droplets rise to the underside of the next inclined plate. There, many small oil droplets will form a few big oil drops. The higher buoyancy of the bigger oil drops drives the oil towards the surface of the liquid. The oil layer thus formed flows over a height-adjustable overflow edge into a separator tank. The oil concentrated there flows via a further separation stage into the waste oil collection chamber.The cleaned liquid flows back into the working tank by gravity. The separated waste oil can be drained manually from time to time.



  • works independent of production
  • removes smallest volume of tramp oil
  • longer lifetime for coolant
  • less cost for buying new coolant and
    less cost for waste disposal
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • except pump no moving parts