The oil mixed with water is pumped through a coalescing filter element in the coalescing filter system. The special construction of the filter materials rejects the water while the oil passes the filter material. Thus many small droplets unite on the filter material to a few large water drops.. While the oil flows unhindered through the filter pores, the large, considerably heavier water droplets sink to the bottom of the filter pot by means of gravity. The dewatered oil is pumped back into the main tank. The water collected at the bottom of the filter pot can be removed manually or automatically from time to time. Due to the continuous removal of the free water, the service life of the oil can be significantly increased.


  • Significant reduction in oil consumption
  • Significantly lower costs for maintenance and repair
  • Considerably fewer hydraulic disturbances
  • Increased process reliability due to improved lubrication


  • Lubricating oil in paper machine
  • Hydraulic oil in fibre production
  • Hydraulic and lubricating oil in wood processing
  • Lubricating oils in steel production
  • Transformer oil
  • Turbine oil