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Oil Skimmers

Friess oil skimmers remove floating tramp oils and fats from all kinds of liquids such as coolant, cooling water, waste water, degreasing agents and many more, fast and reliably. The innovative working principle of using an oil collector tube makes it possible to remove oil from the entire surface of a basin or tank. The oil collector tube creates a circular movement of the fluid's surface, therefore setting the floating oil in motion and forcing it towards the oil collector tube - even from notoriosly tough to clean corners. Once collected by the oil collector tube, the oil is brought into the oil skimmer where it is scraped off of the oil collector tube and flows into a collecting tank. Conventional belt skimmers are also sold, as well as the angular belt skimmer which was developed in-house to counter some of the shortcomings of a standard belt skimmer, such as oil removal from tanks that are not very small.

Basin sizes:
Lifting heights:

How an oil skimmer with oil collector tube works:
The oil collector tube of the oil skimmer floats on the water surface. The floating oil sticks to the outside of the oil collector tube. The oil collector tube, together with the oil, is drawn into the oil skimmer. Here, scrapers remove the oil from the surface of the oil collector tube. The oil then gets flows into a collection tank.
The oil collector tube creates an even rotation on the water surface and thus removes the oils and fats even from the corners of the basins. Due to the fact that the oil collector tube floats on top of the liquid and thus reaches the whole surface of the tank, it picks up oil from the whole surface and an exact separation of oil and water is guaranteed.

Your advantages:

  • Fast payback due to a longer lifetime of coolants and degreasing baths
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to sturdy construction and high quality, durable materials
  • Many different oil skimmers are available for nearly all applications
  • Flexible oil collector tubes follow changing liquid levels in the tank
  • The special design of Friess oil skimmers makes it possible that the oil skimmers can be adapted to all kinds of basins – no matter whether they are round or rectangular, open or closed, above or underground.
  • Special versions for acids, alkalis, salt water or ground water and many more are available
  • nearly no tank, basin or lake is too large